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The driving force behind the Techniquex approach is to help companies deliver a world-class image and unsurpassed performance with resinous flooring that lasts. That’s how we achieve our mission of setting the standard for flooring.

Beautiful might seem like an odd way to describe the floor of a large food processing facility or a stadium. It’s certainly not the first thing you think about when you rush through a stadium to get to your seat. Or when you sit down with your family for dinner. So, while function is paramount,  the beauty of a floor makes a huge difference. It can help brighten a space, amplify your brand & enrich the customer experience. That’s how we think about flooring!

This passion for beauty was one of the driving forces for the creation of Techniquex. And, we continue to embrace it because it drives us to keep creating new innovative systems!  A great looking floor conveys the  highest level of quality regardless of your industry!

Passion is also the reason we’ve launched this updated website. As a single-source resinous flooring provider, we have combined our flooring system website DiamondStone with this Techniquex website. One source, one website.

Our commitment was to make it easier for you to engage with us and ask questions. Come here to learn more about how our resinous flooring can make all the difference.

More than Skin Deep

To provide a high-quality, great-looking floor, professionals must install your system correctly. 

The finish must be resilient and robust based on how the floor is used, while also providing protection. What sets Techniquex apart is that we’ve created custom resinous flooring solutions. They’re designed to work from the foundational layer through the topcoat, providing protection in the real world.

Selecting the right materials for a flooring system to limit risks. Selecting the right contractor is even more important to limiting risk. We offer both! So, we never subcontract our installations.

We don’t have “company crews,” partners, technicians, or the 100 or the dozens of other names companies will try to mask the fact that the project is being subcontracted.

Techniquex’s  W2 employees install your floors, every time. This brings consistency regardless  of size or location.  We build floors to last a lifetime because we are committed to developing customers for life.

We’ve installed more than 100 million square feet of resinous flooring. That has taught us that every floor must be an engineering marvel. You’ve got to get the right quality of materials and product combination to keep everyone safe. We set the standard for moisture tolerance, slip-resistance, anti- microbial and VOC-free resinous flooring systems.

In short, every product focuses on what matters most to our customers.

One Company, A Single-Source Solution

At Techniquex, almost two decades ago, we developed the DiamondStone flooring system line to satisfy an industry need for a single-source solution — one company for product development and installation — and create an industry benchmark for quality, finish, and installation performance. The goal was to provide flooring that could stand the test of time and the many different kinds of abuse we see in industrial, commercial, and public settings.

With Techniquex and DiamondStone together, you have one company controlling the entire process, and one company ensuring you’re getting the best flooring, installation, and protection. One company providing everything is what you should expect.

For us, the single-source approach means we:

  • Engineer every resinous flooring solution
  • Customize it to meet your needs
  • Install it with our own employees
  • Finish and protect it with our expert technicians
  • Back it all up with a no-nonsense warranty directly from Techniquex

We own every step of the process and take pride in having a 100% on-time completion record. And through that, our customers win! 

Help Us Continue Setting the Standard for Resinous Flooring

Techniquex is committed to innovation, continuous improvement, and hiring people with a passion for transforming concrete floors into beautiful pieces of art. Our drive is to show the entire flooring industry that this takes the focus of an entire company.

Baron Adelmann founded Techniquex 35 years ago  with the idea that success in resinous flooring was dependent on floor preparation, moisture-tolerant products, and the installation staff. Success requires a rigorous process and employing and training the finest flooring technicians in the industry. It’s what we think every floor installation, large and small, should have.

To date, we’ve worked on some of the most-traveled floors and those protecting the services people use and foods we eat every day. Our efforts today maintain the same standards for value, quality, and customer service that defined us since our founding, over 30 years ago. 

Floors are a lifetime investment for their owners. In the coming months, we’ll discuss many things, the need for moisture control, the importance of safety and caring for employees, and how to think about selecting your next flooring system. We’ll try to provide as much information as practical to simplify your decision and protect your investment. But, we’re also always available for questions if you contact us directly. 

Let’s Start Together

At Techniquex, we are meeting the unique challenges that you face. The protection and safety you demand. The beauty that your staff and customers deserve. That’s why we’re focused on making it easy to get started.

So, we invite you to follow our blogs, ask questions, and engage with us, so together we continue to set the standard for beauty, safety, reliability, and resinous flooring excellence. You can also dive a little deeper immediately by scheduling a virtual Lunch & Learn with our founder, Baron.