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Industry Overview

Techniquex has developed resinous flooring systems to meet the high demands of automotive dealerships. Specifically, we focus on service department floors, car wash tunnels, service drives, and parking decks. These systems offer impact and abrasion resistance and improve light reflectivity so mechanics can work more effectively under bright lights. Additionally, we do parking deck systems that render your parking deck waterproof while looking great. Finally, we use a urethane cement product in car washes that is designed to last the life of your car wash.

Recommended Systems

Success Stories

Fletcher Jones Audi
of Fremont

Mercedes Benz
of Calabasas

Mercedes Benz
of Texarkana

…I wish to advise and confirm that we were extremely satisfied with the work performed by Techniquex.

Robert Ferrante, Senior Project Manager
General Motors Corporation Worldwide Facilities Group

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