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Industry Overview

Meet the unique flooring needs of your food and beverage processing facility, from cafeterias and kitchens to meatpacking processors and bottling lines. Limit slips and trips with proper flooring while also providing resistance to impact, abrasion, moisture, and thermal shock. DiamondCrete is unique to the market because it has unlimited moisture tolerance and a coefficient of expansion that is almost identical to concrete to provide outstanding thermal resistance. It also has the highest compressive strength we know of in the industry.

Recommended Systems

Success Stories

Chelton House

Crystal Geyser

Wrigley Skittles

You have a great company with the right customer service and when you are brought on a project they get the sense you really know what you’re doing. You made me a hero in L.A.

Jeffrey Price, Director of Property Management
Stoltz Management • Promenade on the Peninsula

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